About Tessa

Tessa Martin has been passionate about accessible mental health since she started in her career. Her passion comes from shifting from a deep sense of powerlessness. Powerlessness over her body, her mind and her whole world. Through her own counselling and bodywork she was able to see how deeply we can shift states and wanted to support more people to achieve that shift.

The foundation was birthed out of a feeling of powerlessness when she became increasingly frustrated by the lack of importance mental health concerns were given in our health care system with wait times close to 9 months and programs that don’t acknowledge the complex needs of individuals. Serenity Now was conceived from a desire to get people support without wait times and without time limits.

Though the foundation is just a start, it is the way that Tessa can feel like she is moving closer to her dream where mental health issues get the same level of treatment as physical health concerns and acknowledgement that we all struggle with mental health concerns at some point, or at several points, throughout our lives.